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Say Cheese: Spider Wins Social Media & PR Brief with The Cheese Geek

If you haven’t heard of The Cheese Geek yet, you will soon. A new subscription and delivery service entirely dedicated to delicious cheese, The Cheese Geek is a passionate start-up looking to make their name known. After a hugely successful launch with our consumer PR team, our Corporate PR and social teams are now ready to dig in and get cheesy.

The modern cheesemonger, The Cheese Geek deliver high quality, delicious, and most importantly chilled cheese right to cheese lovers’ doors. Each month, cheese lovers can pick from a selection of classic and surprise seasonal cheeses, limited edition combinations and – for those who really know what they want – a pick ‘n’ mix ‘build your own’ cheese box. Oh, and condiments (in case all of that wasn’t enough for you.)

Of course, subscription services are currently all the rage, and the Corporate PR team are ready to build The Cheese Geek’s reputation among a diverse range of stakeholders. The team will help provide this exciting new brand with a strong foundation for the fast growth the business is set for. How? By positioning the founder and eponymous cheese geek – Edward Hancock – as a fresh new voice in the cheese industry, which is not hard considering he’s a bit of an expert when it comes to his passion.

On the social side, we want to highlight the fun, cheese-obsessed personality of the brand. The social team are executing a plan of personal, informed and cheesy content, ready to attract and educate new and existing customers to the nature and character of the service, as well as making it clear that for some, cheese is more than just a foodstuff… it’s a way of life.

Speaking about our collaboration, The Cheese Geek said:

“Spider has already delivered great results on our launch PR campaign. They’re great to work with, love our product and ‘get’ our brand…we can’t wait to see the results of a focused Corporate PR and social media strategy.”

To get in on the action follow @TheCheeseGeekUK on Instagram. Or, order your box here:

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