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Spider wins Climate Crisis Foundation PR brief

Spider PR has won another charity PR brief – this time to launch a pioneering climate finance initiative from the Climate Crisis Foundation.

The Climate Crisis Foundation is a charity founded in 2019 by ex-financiers Yan Swiderski and Jasper Judd, when they realised that there was a huge untapped opportunity for people with savings and investments to make a material difference in combatting climate change.

Spider has been tasked with launching the foundation’s latest campaign, the Global Returns Project. The Project calls for people with savings and investments to “Reinvest in Earth” by committing 0.25% of their savings and investments annually to climate solutions. It is also calling on the financial services sector to Reinvesting in Earth normal and easy for their clients and has set itself the goal of raising a regular annual total of $10 billion within the next decade.

The Global Returns Project seeks to transform the way climate solutions are funded by tapping into the pool of approximately $140 trillion in global private savings and investments. It hopes to distribute some fraction of that funding to support the most effective not-for-profit climate solutions targeted at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or absorbing / storing CO2e.  This will be achieved through chosen charity partners including Ashden, ClientEarth, Global Canopy, Rainforest Trust and Trillion Trees.

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