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Sold! Property Experts have joined our portfolio

We are delighted to announce a new joint property and digital client win: Property Experts, a privately-funded investment company which specialises in residential property acquisitions.

With over 30 years of industry experience, founder Bruce Burkitt has developed over 700 units and created several multi-million pound portfolios for himself and the company’s clients. Burkitt made the notoriously tricky transition from estate agent to property developer at a young age and has to date made £210 million in property resales. Property Experts attribute their extraordinary success to longstanding relationships with leading property professionals and a black book of contacts for off-market deals.

From a PR perspective, the property team has been briefed to build the profile of the company, specifically focusing on Bruce himself. We aim to do this by positioning him in key property market pieces, introducing him to leading journalists and putting him forward for broadcast opportunities, raising awareness of Property Experts across the board through a whole range of approaches.

The digital team will be working to enhance Property Experts’ additional social media channels, specifically Instagram and LinkedIn, driving engagement through a mix of paid promotion and carefully-curated content. With this account, we’re providing mostly strategic assistance to help cement Bruce’s reputation as an inspirational entrepreneur within a crowded and complicated sector.

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