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Spider announces partnership with exciting new men’s health brand Sons

Spider have been appointed by Sons, an exciting new online men’s healthcare brand, to help launch their new range of men’s hair loss products.  Healthcare is one of the many areas Spider specialise in, with knowledge of the media, the consumer and practitioners.  

‘Hair loss affects 6.5 million men in the UK and there is often still a taboo associated with talking openly about the anxiety men experience when they first begin to lose their hair’ says Will Kennedy co-founder of Sons.  ‘It was only when having a few pints in the local pub with my good friend Adrian, who has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and a PhD in clinical science , that we hit on the idea of creating a men’s healthcare brand. We realised how little information is out there about male hair loss and that there was a real opportunity for a brand to meet the needs of people like ourselves who were experiencing this condition’.  With my background in business and building a brand, combined with Adrian’s in clinical research, Sons was born!”

A year later (and a lot of hard work) and they now have over 1,000 visitors daily to their website and Spider is proud to have been appointed to drive awareness of the brand through a highly targeted digital and PR campaign.

Sons mission is to motivate men to improve their health by delivering affordable and clinically effective medication directly to their door on a monthly subscription. Remedies for hair loss aren’t new, for years men have tried to halt the process, with the ancient Egyptians smearing dung on their heads to try and stop hair loss. What sets Sons apart, is they provide men with clear and honest information, that’s easy to understand, medical advice from trained expert physicians, and a range of products that are clinically proven to work, all without having to leave the house. Men can access a free online consultation that is reviewed by a specialist GP who recommends a tailored treatment plan directly to their door on a monthly subscription.

The process is being overseen by Medical Director, Dr Knut Moe, who is a registered GP, specialising in men’s health and has extensive experience in male hair loss, having worked at a leading European hair loss clinic. Sons give men the means to a solution which is quick and easy and the treatment costs less than a monthly gym membership.  To date Sons has reached over 5 million men and completed a seed funding round.

Spider is delighted to be working with a brand that will make such a difference. Spider’s COO, Michelle Butler says “There has never been a more perfect time to launch an online healthcare brand. With Sons, there is much scope to reach different media, from the founders story to the science and medical expertise in male healthcare. The social element will allow us to reach men at all stages of the process, from those just noticing the hair loss, to the ones who have had transplants. We want to get men talking!”

With a targeted social, digital and PR campaign, across consumer and business, you can expect to hear about Sons in the media and learn just how amazing the treatment is. Spider will begin activity by undertaking a consumer media outreach, followed by a media campaign with Sons investor and ambassador, Jamie Laing as well as a new social approach, showcasing before and after use and UGC on the brands social channels.

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